Thoughts on Monday morning after the two day Fast Times Promotions Hill Ferry Raceway weekend.

First, it was an awesome event. So many families showed up with their RV’s, trailers, trucks, and riders. Saturday night the pits were filled with overnight campers anticipating the final 2023 Fast Times Promotions/D36 series races on Sunday. There were over 100 riders each day to enjoy the competition on a well groomed, fast, competitive race track. Michael Inderbitzin cleaned up all weekend, winning the Framer Shootout, the Fast Times Money and Open A races by a country mile both days. Tony Meiring and Braden Weller rounded out the100% payback, Open A podium both days. Jonathan Schaefer, sponsored by Mike Hardy Racing, topped the District 36 Vintage A championship finishing first in that class on Sunday and third Saturday. Ten riders lined up for the Saturday night Framer Shoot Out. Motion Pro, Works Connection, K/E Motorsports and Hardy racing all sponsored the class with some fabulous gifts. Bryan Berna and Michael Rodrigues rounded out the podium finishing second and third behind Inderbitzin. Branden Weller finished second in the Fast Times Money class both Saturday and Sunday.

Fifteen riders lined up for the Master A class. Matt Gomez, sampled some dirt in the first lap, and topped the podium after fierce competition with Rick Shafer. The race was wheel to wheel competition, corner to corner, beginning to end. Other riders earning a mention were Dan Cahoon and Bryan Berna. Cahoon took three first place wins over the weekend while Berna took one win in the Vintage 50+ A class, and struggled with his bike all day Sunday. However, he and his buddy produced an outstanding Bar BQ Saturday night and breakfast burritos Sunday. He got first in that class!!

Running of the Buls on Sunday was an amazing race to watch. Twelve riders lined up, the competition was fast and furious. Branden Weller, aboard a Nielsen built Bultaco, got the hole shot and never looked back. Jonathan Schaefer (The Candy Man), sponsored for by Steffan Nielsen Racing, battled to finish second in front of Michael Rodrigues, sponsored by Mike Hardy. What a sight it was to see these beautiful vintage bikes compete. When Schaefer, as a youngster, started racing a few years ago, he would walk the pits selling candy bars to help support his program. This year he took both the D36/Fast Times Promotions Vintage A and the Running of the Buls 2023 Championships.

In the kids classes there are some upcoming fast youngsters. Eloise Hedrick and Zoie Thoma topped their 50cc classes over the weekend. Oliver Cox won both the 65 and 85 classes on Sunday and the 100 Stock/Modified class both days.

The Fast Times Promotions team, Steffan Nielsen and Mike Fowler, with help from several sponsors including Mike Hardy Racing, Rod Lake Racing, Modesto Honda/KTM and others as well as several people at each race acting as flaggers, scorers and other general assistants are proud of completing their first D36 series in 2023. They are working on the schedule for upcoming events in 2024. The first Running of the Buls event will take place at the Santa Rosa Indoor promoted by Brock McAllister in February. No series can survive without the participation and support of the riders and their families, the sponsors and the help. They are so very appreciative of all the support they received in 2023 and look forward to another season of D36 racing in 2024. Again, thank you to those that have helped to make it happen! Lastly, thanks Fast Times, for the room Saturday night. It was the determining factor to my being there. ~Karen